SMS Marketing Starter Guide

Get Up and Running with SMS-Driven Growth

Let's walk you through the basics so you know what to expect with ramping up an SMS marketing program. From TCPA compliance to setting up the right automations, you’ll up your marketing game and boost your sales in no time.

Why SMS Marketing

Text marketing is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of connecting with your prospective and current customers, thanks to its whopping 95%+ open rate.

TCPA Compliance

Starting with Compliance

To get going on your SMS program, you'll need to prepare your business to lawfully text consumers. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act–TCPA for short–businesses are required to acquire a consumer's opt-in permission before you can text them.

Learn about TCPA
TCPA compliance
Get your Website Ready

Prepare Your Terms of Service

With any introduction of a new marketing channel, you'll want to ensure your Terms and Conditions reflect new updates to your business. Not only cover evolving business operations, but also build transparency and fairness with your customers.

How to Update Terms of Service
The Signup Stage

No Subscribers? Let's Build Your Audience

Don't panic - if you don't have SMS-compliant contacts to engage just yet, we've got you covered. Check out our built-in acquisition tools and begin compliantly collecting phone numbers to grow your mobile audience.

The Activation Stage

Automate touchpoints for the whole customer experience

For a standard SMS message, you only have 160-characters to work with, so you'll want to make it count! It's it's important to make your message to-the-point, relevant, and useful for your recipients.

There are two types of messages Automations and Campaigns.

Welcoming New Subscribers

Land the First Impression

Your welcome text message – the first text message delivered to new mobile subscribers – will come shortly after new subscribers opt in to your SMS marketing list. Engage new subscribers and inch them closer to conversion.

Engage with SMS Automations

Currate a path to take customers from prospect to purchase.

With Automations and Drip campaigns, deliver perfectly timed, and perfectly relevant messages to your customers based on how they engage with your business. Customize and automate your customer experience so you can turn casual window shoppers into loyal customers.

Dive Into Building Automations
Cart recovery reminders

Recover lost sales and encourage shoppers to return to their abandoned carts

Win-back quiet customers

Encourage customers who haven't shopped with you for a while to return with a can't-miss offer.

Greet first-time customers

Get new customers and encourage them to come back for more

Recognize big-spenders

Reward your most-dedicated customers, especially those who spend a lot at your store

Reward loyalty

Nurture regular shoppers and turn them into loyal advocates for your brand

Thank your customers for shopping

Send a simple 'thank you' to all your customers after they check out

Unlock Powerful Tools

Integrations for Enhanced Insights

You'll get even more from DojoMojo's SMS Marketing Suite when you connect other tools and services, like your online store and ESP.

Integrations unlock critical insights into your audience, open up all automation, and enable conversion tracking for your texts.

Elements to OpTimize Conversions

All the extras to boost campaign performance

The recipe for a great and high-performing text message always starts with KPIs (no, we're not talking about those key performing indicators). A great message often has a key call-to-action, personalization, imagery and visuals, and short and sweet text.

Make it visual
With MMS - multimedia messaging – embed eye-catching GIFs and photos. Use this to show off your brand, products, and visual identity!
Lead (and track!) with links
Direct users to critical landing destinations. Send customers to the page of their favorite products or to explore more on your site.
Convert with coupon codes
Nurture new shoppers and turn them into loyal advocates for your brand
Personalize it with merge tags
For a one-to-one channel, you'll want to make it, well, personal! Pull in the recipient's name, birthday, or custom field right into the text message.
The Customer Stage

Success is on the way!

With your SMS marketing fully set up, you're on your way to faster high-impact growth.

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